Saturday, September 8, 2012


We fly high, no lie, you know this (Ballin')
Foreign rides, outside, it's like showbiz (We in the building)
We stay fly, no lie, you know this (Ballin')
Hips and thighs, oh my, stay focused
~Fly High, Jim Jones

For so long I thought the title of that song was "Ballin'" so of course I wanted to switch the lyrics out and say "Haulin'"!!! No bueno! Lol.

Recently I went makeup shopping in Chicago with my cousin Shayla. I wanted to hit the Inglot counter in Macy's at the Water Tower Mall and the MAC pro counter. Well, we also stopped at Sephora! I was like a kid in a candy store!!!

Our first stop was the Inglot counter. I've been dying to get my hands on some of this makeup for forever. I once filled up my entire cart online and then changed my mind. When shopping for makeup I much rather shop in person --especially when there are so many colors to choose from. I chose 20 different colors and two of the ten palettes to store them in.

Here are my two Inglot palettes. Excuse the mess, I took all of the pictures today at work.

L to R: 384, 58, 372, 504, 414

L to R: 70, 441, 22, 446, 340
 All of these colors were swatched without a base. I can tell that I'll need to use a good base for the top colors. Or probably something white to make the colors pop a tad bit more! However I think they're pretty good without a base. I think # 446 is my new favorite, so be on the look out for a look using that shadow!

My neutral palette --you all know I stan for neutrals! :)

T to B: 606, 406, 37, 422, 423

L to R: 327, 329, 15, 366, 607
After I spent what seemed like hours at the Inglot counter we headed up to the Sephora store! At one point I asked my cousin and her friend, "Why did you guys bring me in this store..." But I did good and I only purchased a few items.

Illamasqua Blush Tweak and Lipstick Eurydice

Swatches of Tweak and Eurydice 

Nars Blush in Amour, MUFE Shadows in 312 and 162


 That was it from Sephora! I think I did pretty good! Next we hopped on the El Train and headed over to the Pro MAC store. I had an entire list of things that I wanted. Unfortunately they didn't have much of what I wanted --specifically 3D copper. :(

I did get to Back2MAC some things, however most of the shadows I like I already had so I had to settle for lipsticks. O_o (Side eye to that ish because I can get lipsticks at my counter at home.)

L to R: Peach Stock, So Chaud, Half n Half, Pink Fusion

Swatched: T to B: Peach Stock, So Chaud, Half n' Half, Pink Fusion

L to R: Reflects Gold, Naked Deep Dark

T to B: Reflects Gold, Naked Deep Dark (You can't really see Reflects Gold, but its pretty dope!)

MAC changed their palettes and me likey!

They now have inserts for them. 

I also got some blush, some chromaline, an eyeliner and a brush... I'm not home so I can't show them. Sorry loves! I'll add a picture later!

That's all for now!

Until the next time...

Peace and Blessings...



Donna Shae


  1. Hey girl the Nake Deep Dark pigment is lovely!!! Is it a permanent color?? I looked online and couldnt find it!!! Also can u do a tutorial using it?? Thanks!!!

    1. It's a permanent color but it's apart of their pro line. You can always call MAC's customer service line and they can ship it to you if you aren't a pro member! ;-)

      I will do a tutorial soon! I think it would be PERFECTION with a neutral eye and a bold lip! :o)

  2. I got naked dark and naked deep dark a couple months ago and need to get to using them. I bought a 5 well inglot palette online last year and was soooo frustrated. I didn't end up liking most of the colors so I just sold it. lol!
    and I may have to get a couple of those new empty palettes!

    1. You will enjoy the empty palettes! Yes, use those pigments, perfect time because its fall and you can go a perfect bold lip!

      I was going to order the colors online, but I knew I wanted to see them in person. So glad I waited, because I think that the palettes are the favorite part of my haul! :)

  3. Loool I love the title HAULIN' .. need to copy this sometime!!!

    love what you got, i recently got my first inglot palette and got 5 colours i am really happy with!!.. xx

    im following u!

  4. Yes, Haulin'! And when you say it like the rapper says ballin' its so appropriate. Lol.

    I am so happy with my Inglot purchases. Those palettes have to be my favorite part of my haul, Oh, and Naked Deep Dark pigment and tweak! Lol. Thanks for following my blog. I found your blog and remember looking at it but I forgot to follow. I'm now a fan of your blog too! :o)


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